Quantum Jumping Scam – The Truth

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People are talking all over the internet about a Quantum Jumping scam and I’m here to deliver the truth to you.

QuantumJumping is fast becoming my favourite method of visualisation and meditation. So when I saw all the hype about it being a scam, naturally I was concerned.

I’m here to tell you that the course is far from a scam. It’s actually a brilliant and effective method of bettering oneself.

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The thing about this entire Quantum Jumping Burt Goldman thing is simple. People are shocked by the concept of parallel universes and so it’s in their natural instinct to feel like they’re being tricked in some way. I mean, it’s so far out there that it’s an eyebrow raiser to say the least.

Burt himself is a realist, believe it or not and he’s a genuinely nice guy. After doing a lot of research into his business and his life I decided to take the plunge and get the course. The website had thousands of members, people just like you and me who’re using the techniques Burt teaches to better their lives everyday. And the product comes with an iron clad money back guarantee and is backed by several highly respected internet agencies.

And so then I guess you’d have to wonder about the concepts. Because I was sceptical. Man, the idea just kept me away from ever thinking about doppelgängers for a full year. So there had to be a point where my fascination got the better of me and I thought, heck. I might as well give it a go. I mean, if it’s as good as they’re promising I’ll benefit more from the course than I pay for it.

And I’m glad I did. Because I went through the entire course and I just felt invigorated. I was waking up from my sleep with business ideas and I was going on really great dates and noticing opportunities to kiss the beautiful girl I was spending time with. And I had to laugh because Burt’s explanation of source foundations is really helping me see any and all opportunities.

So Quantum Jumping is actually changing my life and that’s why I decided to write this Quantum Jumping review. I’m really quite grateful that I gave it a go. Because it’s really remarkable.

I guess that’s why I had to create this blog, because feeling so happy with the course and hearing all this nonsense about a Quantum Jumping scam was disheartening so I wanted to give down to earth people like me the inside scoop so they’d know the facts before trying the course.

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My Quantum Jumping Review

The idea of a Quantum Jumping scam stems from the idea that the course is designed to trick people.

This simply isn’t the case and that’s why I’m writing this quantum jumping review. I want to give you the facts from my perspective. Because I’m just a regular guy. I don’t know Burt Goldman. Far from it. I’m from England.

The course is based around twenty one modules and each module leads you through various concepts and teachings. Generally there’s a teaching session and then an actual jump into a parallel dimension lead by Burt himself. Now, do you have to believe that you’re channelling through to a parallel dimension? No, you don’t. Healthy scepticism is just that. Healthy.

But what is important is if you can get positive benefits from the course. And the answer is undoubtedly yes. And I know this because I’ve gone through the course three times so far. And I can’t think back to a time where I’ve found more value in a course about bettering yourself. Because within two days of using it I felt more inspired than I had done in a while and I was waking up from naps with ideas flooding my mind. Business ideas, relationship ideas. Ideas on health and fitness. And I couldn’t place why it was happening but the only conclusion I was left with was that I was developing my intuition from the course meditations.

They’re like guided meditations and daydreams where you use your imagination to picture a doppelgänger, a twin you. And you can speak to you that counterpart and ask advice, feed of his or her energy and generally find solutions. All the meditations are different and offer you a basis for achieving different things such as asking advice and being inspired.

I found myself in a really calm and relaxed state in the meditations and when I opened my eyes I felt bright, full of energy and raring to progress with things. After the second jump I did I was amazingly productive. Things I’d been procrastinating about and things I’d been putting off had suddenly been set on fire and even I was perplexed as to where my drive and determination was coming from.

And the whole Burt Goldman Quantum Jumping thing’s helping me go deeper every time. So when I hear people talking about the quantum scam or the Quantum Jumping scam I feel like somebody has to speak up and I’m willing to be that person because the course itself is shaping the way I’m both acting in and looking at my life.

The Quantum Jumping Scam

There’s a lot of talk about the “Quantum Jumping scam” and people are chatting on forums, on blogs and all over the internet, really.

I didn’t bother with Burt’s website for at least a year. kept passing by and shrugging. Figured that maybe I’d be interested. And I went through some trying times in my life and developed a lot as a result of experiencing the harsh contrast.

And there came a point where I was like, yeah. I’m going to give this shot. I did my research and found that there was a money back guarantee and I simply got myself a copy of the course.

Many people seem to be wondering how to do quantum jumping and it’s really a matter of being in a completely relaxed and pleasant meditative state and focusing your visualisations on certain things. I don’t want to make the course seem simple. It isn’t. I mean it’s simple to understand but it’s broad and complex in it’s scope.

I guess what really matters is does quantum jumping work? And as a past sceptic I can honestly tell you it does. Ideas have started flowing to me. I’m literally waking up with more passion and energy than I’ve felt for a long time.

In this blog I’m talking about people’s fears about the supposed Quantum Jumping scam and I hope I can shed some light into the course itself and what I’ve experienced personally.